"Thanks for the advice. You've changed my attitude towards [exercise] rehabilitation...I find biokinetics tough but I actually enjoy it." 


"It’s such a pleasure for me to do the assessment with you.
You explain clearly what I have to do during the assessment and your answers to my questions are easily understandable.
Most of all I value your encouragement in my endeavours to be fit and supple."


“For just over a year I've been experiencing all sorts of pain in my neck / hands and legs stemming from few spinal conditions, biokinetics was a way for me to try help myself without having to do any ops. Doing Hydrotherapy allows me to do much more exercises in a controlled environment without me having to worry about hurting myself any further. It's also spirit uplifting and fun, having a biokineticist makes a huge difference as you rely on their spirit and guidance to help you when the pain gets tough and Agnieszka is great in understanding and motivating you through it.”



“Agnieszka has a great way with people and I always enjoy coming to my biokinetics sessions.”



“Since starting biokinetics I have had almost no pain and can go to work and gym without worry and be able to play and run with my children which I couldn't do before.”