Land-based Orthopaedic Therapy

All exercise and movement is adapted to meet each individual’s needs, whether it be for professional sports or everyday activity, with components of strength, flexibility and mobility playing important roles in achieving the end goals of the rehabilitation.


Hydrotherapy makes use of the physics and properties of water to facilitate physical therapy and rehabilitation. The sessions are conducted in an indoor heated swimming with the biokineticist in the water the entire time to assist with the various exercises; almost everyone can benefit from hydrotherapy, no matter their age, gender or swimming ability.

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Chronic Disease Management

Individuals with various chronic conditions need to have their vital signs closely monitored during exercise e.g. keeping track of heart rate and blood pressure values in individuals with heart disease, which ensures the exercise levels are maintained within manageable levels for maximum benefit. 

Fitness Assessments: Discovery Vitality & Momentum Multiply

The rewards programs run by Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply require individuals to complete a fitness assessment with the biokineticist.