Agnieszka Kühn

I graduated with a BSc Honours in Biokinetics from Wits University with my undergraduate foundation being in Human Movement Science and Physiology. I have also gained several additional qualifications that compliment biokinetics: I am a qualified Learn to Swim swimming instructor, registered with the Central Gauteng Aquatics board and often make use of many swimming skills within hydrotherapy. I have been an aqua aerobics instructor for many years now, qualified through the Professional Aquatic Association of South Africa which has greatly improved my ability to provide great hydrotherapy sessions to patients. I also hold a certificate in water safety and lifesaving as well as a level 2 first aid qualification, which is renewed every two years.

After university I completed my internship at a specialist hydrotherapy practice; it is here that I saw how beneficial this mode of therapy is and have since then always integrated it into rehabilitation sessions for my patients to get the best possible results out of treatment sessions. After internship I moved into a practice within a gym setting and worked under a great biokineticist who taught me a lot not just about therapy but also about people, management and life and who eventually provided me with the motivation to go off and start up my own practice.

I am a very practical, hands-on person who is passionate about working with people and being able to help and educate others to empower them to have the best quality of life. I am also a very active person and enjoy swimming and gym sessions and strongly believe in setting a good, active example in staying fit and healthy for life.